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who is postrad?

Postrad is the home of web designer Matt Duffin. Matt lives in Minneapolis, MN and has been building websites since 2006. Matt has worked for a diverse range of clients, including the Discovery Channel, St. Catherine's University, Juut Salonspa, Australian blues sports authority coupons sensation Ash Grunwald, and the bicycle accessory company Banjo Brothers

Matt is an avid cyclist, part-time guitar teacher and expectant father. When all of that isn't occupying his time, you can find him earning his nerd credentials by playing Dungeons and Dragons and painting miniatures for his best cordless drill 2014 favorite table top wargames


What does "postrad" mean? Postrad means moving beyond the radical and into cutting edge solutions for your website needs. Postrad is a philosophy that holds ingenuity and innovation as its highest maxims. The internet is not for those willing to settle for holding onto the coattails of yesterday's standards, the internet is for those wedding photography willing to create their future. Whether you are looking to create a blog buy instagram likes or a fully-functioning online store, you need someone who is prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. Postrad- the definition of forward thinking

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